Thursday, 20 August 2015

Since... so far...

Surprising how far the world has moved on, how fast and far my life has moved on…

I have been away from writing for quite a some time. I haven't written a single line from a while. I had been in the hustle-bustle of my busy life, work, and other stuff. Finally, in the midst of all this I decide to give some time for my passion – Writing.

Having begun as a passionate blogger, I miss writing very deeply and staying away from my blog or not regularly reading posts from my friends.

Crack of dawn, when I hit my bed dog tired, my mobile beeps with the posts of whatsapp messages, facebook and Quora notifications and some tweets which I sometimes read with my gloomy eyes or when I get time. My sleepy eyes stuck to the lower eyelid, was heedless to the sound of alarm triggering my senses, it was 6am in the morning, a daily routine to get ready for office.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we're running, we are either just in time or a few minutes or hours late. There's always a mad rush to finish tasks, responsibilities and never-ending duties and the list of items that come to us one after the other or sometimes together.

The routine...
Pass a month life at workplace(office) has become very hectic, loads of work, pressure, like the Mondays are hectic, each day has become even more hectic.
It starts with greeting friends and colleagues with a 'Hi' 'Good morning' or 'How was the weekend' etc..
At my workstation, I start my day by reading Quora, the website I love reading and answer some questions then checking E-mail, twitter then comes going through my friend's updates on Facebook.

20 photos of a friend and his family vacationing on a Island. Some people have everything. Like
Like a Filmygyaan/AIB/Incredible India posts
Those notifications inviting us to play Candycrush saga...Grrr....
Profile pic update of a friend who has 594 friends within a minute 208 likes, 30 comments..

Its time I update my profile picture, waiting for that notification how many friends like or comment.
Status update from being Single to In a relationship to its complicated. Engaged/got married etc., 
Damn everyone has exciting and joyful lives, while I sit here hitting a Like button.

Close Window.

Let me get back to my @#$%work.

Then starts the priority work, some work in between the priorities, some urgent shipments, some errors, tea break, lunch break, short walk at the campus, some friends at your cubicle sharing their life events, philosophy, happiness, sadness and what not of the so called Life.
I love talking and I like people who keep conversations and meetings short, crisp and to the point and those people who have good sense of humor. I like who lead disciplined life, who have passions and interests.
Its 4.00pm time to logout from office, update the work done for the day, if you really did anything worth 8.5 hours. Back home, get freshed, think what to cook for dinner, attend phone calls, Mom, dad, friends not to forget Airtel calling us to remind that they are also a part of our life - Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai

I love making new friends and hence growing my network. In the pass few months my network of friends has increased, at my office, at the events I attend and in my locality. 

I am always known as the busy bee among my kith and kin. In-fact, I would like to be the one always occupied with work.

One fine sunny evening, sipping a cup of green tea looking at people around, the busy flyover seen from my house gallery, here I looked across a couple of kids joyfully enjoying their play with neighbors and friends. Some of whose parents are street vendors, homemaker, striving to feed their kids, working hard to earn that square of meal..

I thought if I could be of some help to these kids and do something after my office hours everyday in the evening. And yes, that happened in reality the very next day (2nd July'15 ), the beautiful and yet even more busy my life turned out to be by helping them in their studies, by taking tuition class for the kids.
Five of them who make me learn and explore with them Prakash, Rakesh (brothers), Madhav, Sneha and Shrushti (sisters) 

We start the class at 5.30pm by reciting a short prayer.

Introducing my cute little innocent friends..
Sneha: studying in 7th std., focused, beautiful and intelligent, very independent and disciplined, enthusiastic, creative and quest to learn more.
Rakesh: studying in 3rd std., I would like to describe him with these words "Time you spend with him teaching small things of life, might be best when he will look back after 10years." when the learning is fun, it goes deep into the memory!!
Madhav: studying in 2nd std., Intelligent, cranky to go to school and tuition, convince him by saying you'll get a chocolate if you don't cry then he gets back to normal.
Prakash: studying 2nd std., is very naughty, intelligent, laughs uncontrollably, does mimicry, very ambitious, talks a lot..... it feels good when he is around.
Shrushti: studying in 2nd std., ever smiling, say anything to her she only smiles, talks a lot about her family, friends and infact she can talk about anyone, to that extent she loves talking. She is punctual, naughty and intelligent.

L-R         Prakash, Rakesh, Sneha and Shrushti

Brothers and the Sisters duo :)

Computer class. Madhav at the extreme right

Craft class - Quilling

I like it when they address me as their 'didi' and I like to see that smile and happiness when they study well. I get satisfaction when they say, didi..aap aache padhate hai, samjathe hai.., aise hamein school mein padhate nai hai, kuch bhi pucho to marte hai.... didi, why don't you come to our school to teach for all of us.. It just feels good when you do good to others and they make you feel good.

Probably, this is the best thing that happened to me after my office hours without them I feel I miss something in the evenings, albeit we meet everyday, weekends its computer class for them, they like "typing master"  and love to dive into "Paints." Its interesting to see them on sundays coming enthusiastically for craft class with scissors and fevicol, cuts and shapes there comes the beautiful design.

So my life 24/7 is bound by friends, colleagues, office, shopping, blogging, housework, tuition, not to forget I party hard on the weekends.

I intend to do my very best to enjoy each day. Cherish every moment of life!

Be good. :)


  1. Very well written... Inspires me.. Thanks for making me realize how worth we can be for others.. N how we can do much in life

  2. Good work. .nice attention to details!!!!!

  3. To share is a precious..!!! Nice expressed.
    Cherish every moment with those u love at every stage of ur life..!!!

  4. Keep Cherishing and Inspiring all your blog followers and friends by such good work and nice articles. Keep it up! :-)

  5. gotta say this. worth reading for ten mins. you are a good writer. i kept reading reading reading till the end like a novel...!! too good. .

  6. Awesome keep going. God bless you.

  7. Nice blog. You are a good writer. Keep writing like this, one day who knows you may become a good writer :)

  8. since so far... continue writing.. :) liked it

  9. Amazing's great to know that you're contributing towards society :) Proud of you...

  10. Awesomeness at its best .. Keep up the good work .. Love to read more from u dear !!

  11. Fhewww you've a busy life but doing what interests you is a bliss a few can 😊 and a good read keep writing keep blogging

  12. Nicely written, liked it. Hope one day u become a great writer.

  13. Brilliantly expressed. A good example which picturizes of a bachelor life in blore. And by the way i was surprised to see my name in the blog, then i discovered its also the name of one of your students.. keep going..

  14. Brilliantly expressed. A good example which picturizes of a bachelor life in blore. And by the way i was surprised to see my name in the blog, then i discovered its also the name of one of your students.. keep going..

  15. Very Inspiring :) Keep up the good work :)

  16. No time to fell boring huhh :)

  17. Do Good, Be Good and the World is a Beautiful Place! Well done, keep it up Ganga.. :-)

  18. Keep up the good work Ganga, Very proud of you :)

  19. @All: Thank you , your appreciation keeps me motivated :)

  20. Good job, keep up the good work.

  21. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  22. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

  23. Awesome work.Just wished to drop a comment and say i'm new your journal and adore what i'm reading.Thanks for the share


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