Thursday, 30 August 2018


The satisfaction of completing a DIY project is HUGE!

DIY has become a trend not only in art & craft but in home decor, cooking etc.,

These days everything comes at a price but when you know the price is quite high, then why not Do It Yourself?

From my experience I find DIY very relaxing, cost-effective, expands my mind, sense of accomplishment, use time constructively, its a freedom of expression and being independent - I don't have to rely on anyone to get the things done.
I also can sell my art online.

The digit "5" made using tissue papers.
On this Date and Month - 5th May, My Dad was born :)
As a token of love, I prepared this for him!

The digit "5" hanged on the wall

Butterflies in the garden! they look pretty :)
A simple and easy DIY, the nature looks refreshing

Dahlia flowers
Dahlia is national flower of Mexico.
It is the garden's biggest and spectacular blooming flower!

Dahlia flowers are large in size and have gorgeous colors

Dahlia flowers have also been used to decor walls, wedding halls, and are replacing the natural flowers during functions with the paper flowers as they are cost effective and last forever

Dahlia flowers are a symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever

Birthday Hats are super easy and quick to make.
I just tried doing 2, 1 for you and other for me :)
Happy Birthday to you!

A random design

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