Thursday, 18 December 2014


One of the soothing art... Mandala

Participated in The Art Project organised by HDFC Bank in May 2020 - see below sketch

Pink gives me Love that would even make Red blush :)

Warli Painting - Baarat

A walk in the woods on a foggy morning

The day I held your finger and when you held it tighter; since then you are my everything! The father-daughter bond. Happiest birthday Papa💖🎂 5 May

Butterflies are the jewels of the green grass like the sky has its stars✨

25 April 2020

Calligraphy, 01 April 2020


Mandala art, 15 March 2020

Mandala Art
23 Feb 2019


  1. lovely pics.. hats off too ur creativity

  2. Good one .. I remember few of them from above as I clicked few pics!!! Keep it up gangs

  3. Good one dear.. Sketches were beautiful.. Keep it up!!!

  4. What all talents do you have? You sketch, you paint, you are a creative writer, an engineer, plays Guitar, good with photography,, what else!!

    All Beautiful sketches Ganga. Keep it up!! :-)

    1. It all took time and efforts to get the feathers in the hat :) Thanks again for recognizing me

  5. beautiful pictures...!! magnificent...


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