Monday, 20 April 2020

Pandemic Thoughts

Am I the last person on Earth?
Was my first thought at 7.00 PM on 25 March 2020, when I came out in the balcony for a walk

As dark and silent as it seemed, no rat-race, no hustle-bustle around in a jammed city, everything came to a standstill
I see the fly-over empty, no vision of vehicles and the beeping noise as though World has distributed its deep silence to everyone

I see a few lights lit up in the buildings, but where are the humans, aren't we supposed to rule this planet?
And they said we are the guests. Air, Water, Light and Wind are the elements of Earth. I felt like I am in a foreign country or maybe Life has just started on this planet (Don't ask me who are Adam and Eve of this era) 😁

And as days passed, I wondered, if Life would be so calm and cool, plain and simple with birds chirping, rustling branches, colourful flowers and leaves.

I made some Universal friends - The Sun, I needed him as I have Vitamin D deficiency. The Stars, who I only wished for. The Moon, my night walk friend and The Wind made me feel like someone is sending a message. Maybe I was turning out to be the "Alice in Wonderland"

Once awhile I see some humans and I met some others, we spent some hours together and discussed the world that once was, nature, people, emotions and memories. Just like having our Panchayat discussion.

I didn't participate in the trend of making Oreo Cake, Dalgona Coffee, neither the Saree Challenge nor the Childhood Photo v/s latest Photo trending on Fb, Insta and WhatsApp. Just like I didn't watch GoT or Friends till today. But, I am sure all of us actively participated in "Clapping" to cheer the Emergency workers and "light a Diya" to illuminate a common purpose. 

Some of you said Ganges is planning a Heist, Umm... I would rather donate in this need of the hour. But, who doesn't want to be a millionaire, so maybe let's plan a Heist at ICBC? Don't worry I won't reveal your names you can choose to be Nairobi, Rio or Chandni Chowk, Vasant Vihar or Marathalli, Whitefield, lol... Background Music: Bella Ciao 😄 (I hope the internet doesn't take me seriously 😅

By now, I know each one of you know to cook a dish other than Maggi, some of you have become Master Chefs, some others are literally longing for Four More Shots Please! While some others, are spending quality time with their families and some of you have kind of become celebrities on TikTok. Karan Johar will have a tough time during Auditions. Some of you are into nostalgia reliving the Indian ancient epic Mahabharata and Ramayana days. Some of you are juggling life between taking care of elders, cooking, kids, office work. And some of you have switched from Skype to MS Teams and thinking to download Zoom or not!
Some of you are putting your heart and soul to develop, learn and create new things, new skills. Sometimes it's ok to Binge-watch on a lazy couch! I am sure most of you are already planning for a vacation!

My Parents advised two words that should never be used during my "Home Alone" time - Slouch and Fritter, and I will take these words for a Lifetime! Thus, every morning I danced to the tunes and rhythm, brushed and painted to my heart's content, cooked like I hosted a party everyday (Read Stir to Mix), hidden ideas and thoughts resurfaced, learned like I will be the next historic person (lol) virtually connected to people on another planet? was the best remedy for my everyday blues because I decided to splurge on all other colours on my blues!!! Hence, I ruled my time around my clock. Each day meant I should be a better version of myself. Some simple things that heart desires became luxuries.

Time flies by so soon, that I forget its a weekday until my alarm beeps. 

Tomorrow when I turn the Page, I know the World will be a different place to live in or maybe I wish I could turn the page back!

Stay home, stay safe. 
I urge you to continue to pray!

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