Friday, 19 December 2014

Roll with it, rock with it

I believe in stay-hungry-stay-foolish.

I always wanted to do something more, other than my job. Moreover I just didn’t want my life to be the 8-5 Job. I wanted things to be happening in my life. I love to keep myself busy; being idle is my biggest enemy and boredom.

Doing a side business with Tupperware, Oriflame, making quilling cards and selling imitation jewellery is all that got me a cellphone that I have today. Though my Sony Ericsson phone did well earlier, but moving to new updated technology mattered.

I didn’t know how to apply cosmetics; I didn’t know where Mascara is applied. I knew people around me use Oriflame, so one day I thought it would be great if I can supply these products to them by becoming a member of oriflame. Today all the cosmetics that I have is from Oriflame.

Selling Imitation jewellery helped me know the varieties, culture of people, the kind they wear and which jewellery suits whom and above all Veena Aunty Coordinated a lot in getting the products from Bangalore/Mumbai

I love this - thrill of doing one's own thing is palpable.

Being a Tupperware Member has taught me a lot. Starting from how business is done, convincing people, and arranging parties I progressed to anchoring some functions and even modeling. I learnt many things. qI felt by believing in yourself you can reach any Everest. Thanks to Bhuvna Ma’am and Neha Ma’am. Tupperware believes in empowering women and that’s why its membership is restricted only for Women!

Quilling is very interesting, I learnt, did cards, conducted workshops in Bangalore and Belgaum. Sold many cards and ya anything handmade is appreciated and deeply felt by the person.

Conducting Pastry Workshops across Karnataka was the awesome thing that happened. Got to know so many people and their varying businesses. The love for pastries they had, their excitement and enthusiasm to learn chocolates and pastries was all felt and appreciated.

A participant @ Hubli Pastry Workshop commented, “it’s amazing to see such young , well educated  girls conducting pastry workshop . Happy to have you all here.” I was overwhelmed by the lady’s words and got motivated.

Today when people ask me how much I have gained of all the business I do, I can only say ‘the number of people that I got connected with it’ is my profit of the Business.

"If you don't have your shadows your not in the light"

Yes I could hear the director saying  " Lights Camera and Action"
After attending a seminar on advancement in baking industry,I was called for a TV Show for a program named SIRI on Udaya TV (Kannada Channel).
I showed how to do black forest pastry,  it was then I started doing TV Shows for SIRI :)

"If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go
right along and you'll start happening too." 

P.S: These are all my side business,  for any details you can contact me :)


  1. @ Madhav, Vikram : Thanks Guys :)

  2. All these side activities will be your stepping stones to make it big one day. Remember when opportunity knocks, open and grab it with both your hands and work it out. It's diff to say which opportunity will turn into gold but the spirit of wanting to do something will somehow help you achieve whatever you aspired for.

  3. Thank you so much for your words :)

  4. Success…seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, They make mistakes, but they don’t quit... Keep This action going.... Good Keep Rasing Your bars always...

  5. I can see that you have captured your opportunities that you got and the faith, that most people will never identify and capture. ..

  6. Nice post... Move on....

  7. All this shows how talented, flexible, and out of the box you are! Some other Chemical Engineer would have sat at home after his college and kept searching for job and wasted his time and dad's money, without even thinking what different he could do in his life and start his career. You and this article is a perfect example for youngsters who stick to only what is taught in their books without exploring what else they are capable of.

    Inspiring blog Ganga! Keep up the good work.

  8. hey thanks for your words :) :)

  9. amazing...:) what all you do....!!!

  10. good to see you so talented... good luck.when an idea exclusively occupies the mind
    it is transformed into an actual or mental state.. keep moving. gagadd


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