Thursday, 18 December 2014

It’s never too late

It’s never too late –it’s never too late to start, bloom and grow.

You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever

Year 2011-2012 was a very tough time. The “un-decided phase” I went through a very dark tunnel. “I had no clue as to what I was doing and where I was heading.” Seriously, I had  never imagined that I will have such a bad phase in my life, things were not working, they were not happening the way I had imagined, I cried but in vain, only I could understand what I am going through, people will only give hopes… 

Only then I thought let me start with something so that I could get somewhere atleast, slowly I started coming out of the dark tunnel. God said take responsibility for your own life. 

“I will not blame the situation, I will not blame the weather, I will not blame the government policy. I will not say my parents did this to me. I will say, this has happened I have to take action, and I have

to take responsibility. I am the reason for my success

or my failure, not the environment or anything else.”

“Like Indira Gandhi used to say, when I am down, and I am pushed

against the wall, my best comes out and I don't give up. The fighter

in me, the animal in me comes out and says, ‘I will do it and show



  1. Keep it up and keep inspiring people by your work

  2. Remember that the initial struggle will one day get you somewhere in life. If life had been easy you would not have known the pain.

  3. truly inspiring note Ganga! that's what one needs in life, when he/ she is down, SELF-MOTIVATION, SELF-BELIEF, these can get you out from any worstest situation in life.

    Nice blog and keep it up! :-)

  4. very nice post... a genuine one.

  5. Multiple tabs to crawl on this blogspot : ) genuine posts, nice : )


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